Following the modern techniques of construction management and construction supervision, the Macedonian company EURO CONSULT ltd Skopje has been established in 1992, relaying on Macedonian experts, but is working with international standards.

EURO CONSULT officially was registered in April 2002 in the Court of Law in Skopje, R. Macedonia as a company for Consulting, engineering and Design, with limited responsibility with official registration number: 02044198-3-09-000. EURO CONSULT is completely owned by 2 experts: Mr. Branislav Dimitrijevik and Mr. Marjan Ivanov.

Our company has reached stability and prosperity in more than 20 years by following vigorously its Principles and Goals. We have developed various engineering skills and knowledge in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction, offering the Clients complete engineering solutions. We are dedicated to ensure the success of the projects.

Our Engineers are professionals with various technical background and thorough approach, giving the project solutions deep meaning

In our departments work more than 45 engineers and technicians with various technical background, expertise and experience, consisting that way the brain of our company. Knowledge that is accumulated in that manner is ensuring the success of the projects. Perception of the engineering problems from different technical angles can ensure extensive and complete solution. This Profound Approach to solving the problems gives the project deeper meaning.


Working for Clients from all over the world, we maintain the high level of quality and professionalism in all aspects of our work

Our Clients are Ministries, Public Institutions, Municipalities, governmental agencies, international and domestic companies, private investors, health institutions, banks etc. They invest significant funds in Macedonia and West Balkan region and their attention goes to protecting the investments by securing the success and minimizes the risks.

Working in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in Macedonia and the region, our Portfolio has grown impressively.

The structure and company experience strongly confirms the implementation of the international practice and experience. The team member is consisted of highly skilled experts providing wide range of consulting services.


The company is performing its activities in areas of civil engineering:

  • Supervision during construction high rise structures
  • Supervision during construction of hydro-technical structures,
  • Supervision during construction of roads, toll stations, railways and airports,
  • Supervision during construction of buildings, factories,
  • Supervision during construction of bridges,
  • Quality control
  • Survey and
  • Project Management.

The support that we give to our clients in the application of laws and standards ENSURES that the investment is fully protected and that it will be successfully completed with quality and timely completion of construction. Engaging EURO CONSULT, the customers receive a company with high integrity that does not compromise in terms of reliability and building QUALITY.

Our EFFICIENCY in work means constant pressure on other participants in the construction of their better and more economical operation. To our clients we offer independent and impartial services that enable identification of possible risks during the construction, management of these risks and thereby REDUCE OF THE RISK, no matter what the profile is. We insist that all participants in the construction to show responsibility to PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT and reduce the impact of construction on the environment.


EURO CONSULT has been certified with following licenses and certificates:

  • License A for supervision over structure, category I, no. N.004/A, issued by Ministry of Transport and Communication of the RM
  • License A for design, category I and II, no. P.012/A, issued by Ministry of Transport and Communication of the RM
  • License A for audit of design documentation, category I, no. R.045/A, issued by Ministry of Transport and Communication of the RM
  • Certificate for energy efficiency with no. 12-6086/3 issued by Ministry of Finance
  • ISO 9001:2000, Quality System, which comprises the entire structure of the company and the QUALITY POLICY,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Protection System,
  • OHSAS 18001 Safety and Health Protection and
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory for testing of construction materials.


OUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE IS YOUR SAFETY is main obligation of the entire team.

Our main characteristic is: